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L’inoutil (or The untool) marks the second output by Club Diogène. 


The object is the result of arbitrarily probing a specific site of cultural production: we blindly bulk-bought 50 laserdiscs. Some consistency was to be found among the debris. 


Each disc was given a unique label with a download code and comes in a hand-stamped off-white sleeve. The code can be redeemed through bandcamp and yields 5 new songs.


In the months to come, the original content of your laser disc will be cut, edited and reconfigured into video essays a/o collages that will somehow find their way to you.


Much like every archival endeavour, the processes surrounding L’inoutil (making, purchasing & using it) are fragile, futile and profoundly useless.


Any archived unit, be it a paper document, a magnetised piece of ribbon, an etched plate or a spotify playlist, has an endearingly narrow window during which it can be disclosed. What remains before* or after the unit’s  ‘productive life’ is mere mute matter.  


Your unit is a tactile invitation, a promise and a committment. As such, it can be nudged into speaking.

* Try to conceive of an archived unit that has as yet to find its archival procedure.

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